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Rumor Mongering: Jamie Webster Tips Liverpool for Summer Spending Spree

The Liverpool-based musician and Red hinted at some insider knowledge about upcoming transfers on The Anfield Wrap.

Liverpool Fan Zone Photo by Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It’s a slow news day, OK? And slow news days can only mean one thing: transfer rumors. And today’s rumor is more rumor-y than most.

Basically, Liverpool-based musician Jamie Webster went on yesterday’s “The Weekender” show on the podcast The Anfield Wrap and hinted that Liverpool were going to be big spenders over the upcoming summer transfer window. Webster wouldn’t name any transfer targets, nor who his sources were, simply saying that he’s “heard things.”

As I said, it’s more rumor-y than most transfer rumors. But equally, it is an intriguing one if this is what’s being whispered behind closed doors at the club. Although Webster is not a representative of the club, he surely has some connections given his close collaboration with club officials for his involvement with fan-based activities and shows.

This is to say that Webster might not be the most “in the know” person, but he probably knows several “in the know” people. So while this rumor doesn’t carry the weight of a Mel Reddy, it’s probably much better than X tabloid out of Spain or Italy.

However, Webster’s assertion that Liverpool will “spend big” in the summer only creates more questions than answers. Does this mean a significant club overhaul, with some big outgoings to offset the cost of a few up and coming stars? Will it be someone truly massive (#Mbappe2021)? Is this spending dependent on whether we qualify for Champions League? Or dependent on how Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez, and Joel Matip recover from their injuries?

Also, we know that big spending isn’t enough. It has to be the right players, and ones who will have a bit of good luck with injuries. Personally, I’m not sure we need a massive overhaul. Though signing a couple of healthy defenders would be a good start.

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