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Dirk Kuyt: “I’d be Gerrard’s Assistant Manager at Liverpool”

The former Red talks about his dreams of coaching and coming back to Anfield.

Dirk Kuyt Testimonial Photo by Erwin Spek/Soccrates/Getty Images

Every time we have to talk about Steven Gerrard’s inevitable step into the role of Next Manager of Liverpool, a fairy loses its wings. Luckily, there are exceptions to every rule and former Red, Dirk Kuyt, talking about how much he wants to work with Gerrard in a managerial capacity is one.

“I have a desire to be ­a manager soon and I am looking at options,” Kuyt told The Mirror this weekend. “But there are exceptions for choosing a path as an assistant ­manager and being ­alongside Stevie would be one of them. If he wanted me to be his assistant, I’d like that a lot. In principle, I see ­myself going on to work as a head coach, but, like I say, there are always exceptions.”

OK, everyone can see themselves working as head coach but surely it should take a tiny bit more than managing the Feyenoord youth team and getting your coaching badges before you can take over an entire senior team, right? Right? Anyway.

“The most beautiful ­moment I can see is when Steven gets the job and can call himself officially the manager of Liverpool,” Kuyt added, echoing thousands of fans on social media. “And he’d do a great job. As he’s done at Rangers, he will have a process, doing things gradually step by step. I hope to see him develop as a manager and see him work from close by for many years to come. That could be in the role of an opposition manager – but it could also be as a colleague.”

Listen, we’re firmly of the opinion that Liverpool Football Club is in good hands right now and that the club should continue to seek out the absolute best managers for the team. Maybe one day that’ll include Gerrard and Kuyt as his assistant, but it’s going to take them a while to get there.

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