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Rumour Mongering: Real Madrid Cant Afford Mohamed Salah

Former president Ramón Calderón says Madrid would like to sign Salah but can’t afford him this summer.

Sheffield United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Oli Scarff - Pool/Getty Images

Liverpool may have stumbled in the league this season, but with their success in recent years they have established themselves as one of the top clubs in world football—more of a final step than a stepping stone for top players.

For some, though, there will always be the lure of the Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid. And former Madrid president Ramón Calderón thinks Los Blancos want Mohamed Salah. There’s just one problem: the cost.

“He is a great player and goalscorer,” Calderón told Egypt’s On Time Sports. “He helped Liverpool by giving them his best, but I don’t think they will let him go [and] if they were to think about it they would want a lot of money.”

“Of course Salah is wanted by Real Madrid, but Liverpool would ask for a lot of money. He’s a great player, and any club would wish for such a talent, but for Real Madrid I do not think they have the financial means to sign Salah.”

With Salah 28 this season and set to turn 29 over the summer, in another year it might make sense that this would be the summer a club like Madrid would come calling. This summer, though, it’s rather difficult to see it happening.

A year into a global pandemic, the financial landscape is too uncertain for even the likes of Madrid to spend £100M or more on a veteran signing, no matter the player’s quality or whether they might otherwise like to sign him.

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