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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Consider Rhian Brewster Sale

Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, and Aston Villa are said to be interested—but we don’t buy talk of a permanent deal.

Liverpool Pre-Season Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Last we’d heard on the Rhian Brewster front was that Liverpool were taking their time to decide on the young striker’s future, and with the transfer window open until the end of the month he would be around for at least that long.

Then, when the time came, the choice would be between Brewster remaining at the club or heading out on loan. Today, though, The Telegraph say otherwise. Today, The Telegraph say a sale of the young striker is on the table.

We are, not to put too fine a point on it, dubious of the claim, and if there is any truth to it it seems likely to be a case of one of the linked clubs—Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, or most likely Aston Villa—being interested in more than a loan.

Given how highly Brewster is rated at Anfield and how well he played on loan with Swansea last season such interest might well be understandable, but it wouldn’t mean that Liverpool would be especially interested in selling the striker.

An even bigger reason to doubt The Telegraph’s permanent sale idea is that The Sun today has also said Villa want Brewster permanently. While The Telegraph do not appear to be re-hashing that outlet’s story, the timing suggests a shared source.

As both appear to be reporting the story independently we have an obligation—however grudgingly—to acknowledge it, especially as Liverpool outlets have begun to amplify The Telegraph story without noting that other paper’s presence.

However, it seems safe to say any talk of a sale here is not coming from Liverpool, and it will take something far more convincing to shift our belief that Brewster’s short-term future involves either a loan or remaining at Anfield.

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