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Jurgen Klopp on Transfer Market Uncertainty During Corona

The Liverpool boss says some completely sensible things. Cue fan meltdown in 3...2...

Liverpool v Salzburg - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Prior to this whole global pandemic thing, it looked like Liverpool were a sure thing to land RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner. Then that whole global pandemic thing happened (and continues happening).

Practically overnight, a transfer that had previously looked like a good deal became a lot riskier. Simply, no one knew what represented good value in a post-corona market. And from the looks of things, that picture is still unclear.

Now, in an interview with ServusTV, manager Jurgen Klopp admits as much.

“Now, in corona times, you have to think five times before making a transfer because nobody knows what will happen after corona,” Klopp explained.

“We always have to pay attention to the financial aspect. Because we don’t know exactly how much money we will have available.

“Others seem to deal with it a little more positively when you look at Chelsea.”

Chelsea, of course, ended up being Werner’s destination after Liverpool backed away during lockdown. And, with FFP relaxed and/or lacking any real authority, the London club have decided to show a great deal of initiative on other transfers while other clubs wait and see. So much for Frank Lampard’s new and celebrated “youth-oriented” approach.

This all seems perfectly sensible from Klopp and FSG. Liverpool have been able to become one of the best teams in the world through smart decisions, world-class analytics, and finding value in the transfer market.

For the time being, it’s next to impossible to say what quantifies value in the market. Moreover, until fans are allowed back in the ground, and the club can once again rely on seasons that are not likely to be interrupted, their own financial picture remains murky.

During their time as Liverpool’s ownership group, FSG have learned the hard way that a bad transfer is often worse than no transfer, and it can set the club back for years to come. And since we’re not owned by an oil baron that can literally pump money out of the ground, we’ll have to continue our smart and cautious approach that got us to this point.

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