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Fulham Reportedly Seeking £8M Tribunal Fee for Harvey Elliott

Liverpool have failed to come to an agreement with Fulham and so the youngster’s fee will be set by tribunal.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

Harvey Elliott signed for Liverpool as a 16-year-old last summer after the promising young attacker chose not to renew his youth contract with Fulham when the Reds came calling. At the time, his move was widely reported as having been for an undisclosed fee.

However, following Elliott’s signing of his first professional contract this month, it is being reported by The Independent’s Melissa Reddy that no fee was agreed at the time and that Fulham have decided they will take their case for compensation to a tribunal.

This is not unusual in cases where out-of-contract young players change clubs, though what might surprise some is how far apart the two sides appear to be, with Liverpool said to have offered £750k for Elliott whereas Fulham are seeking a record £8M fee.

Recently, Liverpool were involved in setting the current record for a tribunal fee when they were ordered to pay Burnley a £6.5M base fee for Danny Ings, with a further £1.5M of largely un-triggered performance bonuses and a sell-on percentage also granted.

In the end, that meant Burnley received an additional £3.6M, 20% of the transfer fee from when Liverpool eventually sold Ings to Southampton, and that case provides some insight into the kind of compensation Fulham appear to be after now in Elliott’s case.

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