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Rumor Mongering: Timo Werner to Liverpool a “Done Deal”

It’s an unreliable source, but said authoritatively! So, you know, pretty much par for 2020.


I’ll be very happy when Werner signs for Liverpool, as he is very likely to do. While the rumor mongering surrounding his potential move to Liverpool has been at times a welcome oasis in a vast and barren dessert of football news, this saga can wrap up soonish, thank you very much.

The latest speculation, said with the certainty one might expect from predicting the sun will set today, comes from Ian McGarry on The Express’ “Transfer Window Podcast.”

“Werner has agreed personal terms with Liverpool,” McGarry said. “On a five-year contract that will pay the player around £140,000-a-week.

“It has been widely reported that Chelsea and Manchester United have been interested in the player. Our information is that’s not the case. The reason for that is that they believe and have been told by the player’s representatives that a deal is effectively done to Liverpool.

“Liverpool have failed to offer the clause of €60m, on the basis that they believe the player can be gotten for a smaller price when the market reopens officially.”

McGarry just threw out some very specific information, including details that usually aren’t clear until years after the fact.

Under Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool have been very secretive about their transfer dealings and players wages. Transfer fees are also not as straight forward as is generally reported.

So, while this rumor passes the smell test—it’s likely that Liverpool and Werner are not too far off a final deal—McGarry is not a club connected journalist, and is unlikely to have the aforementioned specifics.

Besides, do you really want to believe someone who retweets Duncan Castles unironically?

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