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Rumour Mongering: Roma Could Be Forced to Sell Zaniolo to Liverpool

Roma may need to sell star youngster Nicolò Zaniolo this summer, with the Reds said to be interested.


Hello, hello, here we go. Ready to raid Roma for another top talent. Or so the story goes in the Italian press today, with Liverpool said to be eager to take advantage of Roma’s tenuous financial situation. Again. Poor Roma.

At least as Il Itempo and others are framing it, saying Roma must sell 20-year-old rising star midfielder Nicolò Zaniolo, who has made 24 appearances for the Giallorossi this season so far with six goals and a pair of assists.

The most likely destination is said to be Juventus, but before football was put on hold by coronavirus Liverpool were said to be sniffing—and Premier League money and a chance to sell him out of the league could appeal.

Before that whole coronavirus thing happened, Roma were said to have gone and put an €80M pricetag on Zaniolo in order to ward off suitors, but what a realistic selling price now would be is really anybody’s guess.

Clearly a lot of clubs are hurting financially, though—or preparing for a financial downturn that is likely to last well beyond the season, whenever it wraps up—and if Roma really do need to sell, they won’t get €80M now.

Liverpool, though, aren’t said to be in heavy pursuit, simply interested. But depending on where everybody’s finances are, relatively, there could be an opening to take advantage of Roma’s current financial concerns.

Alternately—and probably more likely—with the player under contract until 2024 and few clubs likely to spend big this offseason, Zaniolo could stay put. If we were putting money on any outcome, that would be it.

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