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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool to Pass on Timo Werner Release Clause

Werner remains Liverpool’s top target but the club are said to be unwilling to trigger his release clause while football is on hold.

RB Leipzig - Tottenham Hotspur Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

With the whole no football being played due to a global pandemic thing going on, we haven’t been talking quite as much about Timo Werner in recent weeks. The RB Leipzig forward, though, by all accounts remains Liverpool’s top attacking target.

With the future of football uncertain, though, and particularly when it comes to finances and transfer spending, there have been hints that even Werner’s £50M release clause—such a seeming bargain a few short months ago—could prove too much.

That idea got another airing today, with Sky Sports claiming Liverpool and Werner both want to see a deal get done but that the Reds have decided they won’t be triggering his release clause before it expires, instead waiting to negotiate with Leipzig.

Previously, given Werner’s age and output, that would have seemed an absurd proposition. Now, it’s harder to say—though if Sky’s claim reflects Liverpool’s actual approach, we’re inclined to trust Michael Edwards and his laptop on player valuation.

While Liverpool will no doubt be better positioned than most clubs financially when football does return, there will be an impact—and that impact is as yet fully known. Until it is, holding off on any major transfer moves is probably inevitable.

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