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Klopp Characteristically Coy Over Timo Werner Transfer Rumors

Will the RB Leipzig star make his way to Liverpool? Jurgen Klopp will not say.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

The Timo Werner to Liverpool transfer rumors sure have been coming thick and fast recently.

In fact, there have been new rumors nearly every day this week about the exciting RB Leipzig striker. On Tuesday, it was rumored that his release clause is lower than originally reported. On Wednesday, it was being reported that Liverpool had made an offer. And on Thursday, we heard all about how Werner preferred Liverpool over Manchester United and Barcelona.

This is all coming off the back of Werner’s comments about being “honored” to be linked to Liverpool. There’s flirting with Klopp and Liverpool, and then there’s standing outside of Melwood with a boombox above your head, blasting “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.

If Klopp and the laptop wizards on the transfer committee are thinking about reciprocating Werner’s flirtations, they are trying their best not to add fuel to the transfer rumor fire.

“I prefer that when players speak about us they are positive, rather than saying ‘that’s the last club I would ever go to,’” Klopp said yesterday during his pre match press conference.

“From that point of view it’s obviously nice, but that’s all, there’s nothing else to say about it.”

This rumor has a very different feel to many rumors in the recent past. After the Virgil van Dijk debacle, where the club had to formally apologize and end their pursuit of the player until the next transfer window, Liverpool have done very well to keep mum about incoming players.

The transfers of Fabinho and Takumi Minamino were particularly out-of-the-blue, coming out of nowhere to suddenly being a “done deal” within a matter of hours or days.

While all of this noise might seem like a disqualifying factor—especially considering our recent history of quiet transfer dealings—this is a lot of smoke for there to be no fire.

Liverpool’s club connected journalists have also been quiet on this transfer, with most of the noise coming out of Germany and from the player himself. Although the Mel Reddys and James Pearces of the world haven’t confirmed Liverpool’s interest, they’ve not denied it either. And we know Pearce in particular loves shooting down transfer rumors.

Stay tuned. I doubt we’ve heard the last of this rumor. And we already know he looks good in red.

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