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Your Transfer Rumour is Bullshit: Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos

The Spaniard’s contract is up this summer and Liverpool are reportedly interested in signing him on a free transfer.

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Victor Carretero/Real Madrid via Getty Images

dYou read that right. Every Red’s favorite Spaniard may be available on a free transfer this summer, and Liverpool are said to be one of a very large number of teams who have shown interest in signing him if Real Madrid are unable to extend his contract.

Around the world, Ramos is known for being a standout on many trophy winning sides for both Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team. Among Liverpool fans, he is known for being the player who got away with hauling Mohamed Salah to the ground in the first half of the 2018 Champion’s League Final, injuring him in the process, and arguably costing Liverpool a Champion’s League title.

Now, before your blood pressure goes up too much just thinking about this possibility, please take solace in the fact that it’s quite unlikely there is any merit in this. The rumour comes via an “exclusive” from 90 Min, who say that Liverpool are one of the clubs who have contacted Sergio Ramos’ agents about possibly signing him.

According to the report, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham have also shown interest in bringing the all time leader in La Liga red cards to England. And the 6 English sides make up just a small number of potential destinations that include clubs in France, The United States, Qatar, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and who knows where else.

It seems unlikely that Ramos leaves the Spanish capital at all. He is their captain, he is still one of the better center-backs in football, and it sounds as though he and Madrid are hoping to work out a way for him to finish his career at the Bernabéu. On top of that, there is doubt that he would be interested in a move to England at all, even if his contract were to expire.

From a Liverpool perspective, though there would be no transfer fee, Ramos would likely be seeking wages much higher than Liverpool would be willing to pay to a 34-year-old center-back. Though Liverpool’s need for center-back reinforcements is well documented, a player Ramos’ age, on wages that would make him one of the highest paid members of the squad, just does not seem to fit in with LFC’s transfer philosophy.

Finally, even if he couldn’t work out a new deal with Madrid, and Liverpool were willing to sign a player of his age on the wages he would command, it seems incredibly unlikely Liverpool would be willing to deal with the backlash that would surely follow were they to sign Ramos. He still is, and likely always will be, hated by an enormous section of the Liverpool fanbase.

This isn’t like when a club signs a Diego Costa, a player who is widely disliked just for their style of play. Usually fans can come around to a player like that when their detestable qualities benefit them for once. But it seems exceedingly unlikely most Liverpool fans would ever forgive Ramos for the 2018 CL Final.

So, even if Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid can’t come to an agreement, you can rest assured that Sergio Ramos will not be signing for Liverpool this summer.

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