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Rumor Mongering: Daniel Sturridge to Inter Milan

The former Liverpool striker has been tenuously linked with a move to Serie A.

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Sorry Danny, you can’t take it with you.
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

As of this writing, the only thing we know for sure about Daniel Sturridge’s football career is that he will not be continuing it at Liverpool. Sadly. With his contract expiring at the end of last month, the formerly prolific (and still occasionally deadly) striker is free to explore other options.

The Spanish publication Marca think they have a bead on where Daniel Sturridge will be dancing next, claiming that Serie A side Inter Milan are now considering a move for Sturridge.

Now, why a Spanish publication would have the inside track on a transfer involving an English player to an Italian club is, frankly, beyond me. Which is to say, take this one with a hefty bag of salt. This one is approaching “your transfer rumor is bullshit” territory.

However, Inter are reportedly in for a striker, and have been linked with Manchester United star player Romelu Lukaku. So there is every chance that Inter might be considering Danny—at minimum—a better value than the Belgian striker, or even a better option altogether. Or, this could be a leaked rumor, acting as a negotiating tactic in an attempt to drive down Lukaku’s price.

Wherever Danny does end up, we hope it’s a good fit for him, and that he’ll be back showing off his famous goal celebration in no time (so long as it’s not against us, obviously).

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