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Agent Insists Mignolet is Looking to Leave

Well, that didn’t last long.

Liverpool Pre-Season Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Nostalgia really can be a trip, playing tricks on your mind with regards to the passage of time, duping you into believing happier times were not as distant as may be the case. For instance, it feels like only yesterday we were assured by none other than Jürgen Klopp himself that Simon Mignolet, model team-mate and dressing room hero, was happy to stay at Liverpool despite being the clear second choice behind Ballon d’Or candidate Alisson Becker, and that there would be no interest in rocking the boat at the moment.

Oh that was yesterday? And his agent just invalidated the whole thing? Grand.

“The goalkeeper game of musical chairs hasn’t started yet,” the Belgian’s representative told DH on Tuesday. “It’s important for Simon to play somewhere, and our goal is still to make him leave.”

“He’s still got a lot to offer, and if we have an offer, we’re counting on Liverpool making an effort.”

Look, it probably won’t matter all that much; if Alisson goes down for any period of time, Liverpool’s defensive solidity will be severely impacted, and Simon Mignolet, capable a goalkeeper though he is, isn’t going to change that. If he wants playing time, he should look to find that at one of the many suitors — Watford, Crystal Palace and Norwich have all reportedly been sniffing around — admiring his talents.

It’s the uncertainty that is annoying. The Reds have already had to make a provisional goalkeeping move for pre-season due to injuries, and if a long-term number two has to be recruited before the transfer window shuts in three weeks time, then the sooner they can get on that, the better. Having agents flip-flopping in the media isn’t helping anyone.

Just make the call, Waffles!

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