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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Probably Aren’t Signing Dani Olmo

At least someone thought of a new name to link us to. We were getting tired of the same ones.

FBL-EURO-U21-ESP-GER Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

A thing about winning the Champions League is that seemingly every agent wants to use Liverpool in negotiations to get more money from another club.

We’ve seen it all summer with Nicolas Pépé. Liverpool probably aren’t actually interested in him, but whichever club does want him is having the price driven up by our fictional interest. And now the same seems to be happening with Spain Under 21s midfielder Dani Olmo. Currently at Dinamo Zagreb, it seems his strong performances in the Under 21 European Championships have him hunting for a new, bigger club.

And so Mundo Deportivo list us as a potential destination. Their word is that he will be playing in the Champions League next season, but it will not be for a club in La Liga. Then they go on to claim interest from three specific clubs close: Liverpool, Tottenham and Bayern. Manchester United are also apparently interested, but the lack of Champions League football makes this less likely to happen.

That’s a lot of clubs for one Spanish paper to link to a player. Look, Olmo does seem genuinely talented and deserves to end up at a big club. These stories, though, especially from the country of the player and thus presumably leaked by his people rather than a club, feel very much like trying to drive interest. Spurs have been linked before, so perhaps they are the club with a genuine desire to sign him, while Liverpool and the others are just mentioned to push up the price and wage demands. We don’t know.

What we do know is that it’s likely to be a quiet summer for Liverpool. Klopp and Michael Edwards are happy with the squad as is, at least for one more year. It’s boring, and leads to a lot of nonsense stories, but hey, we don’t make the rules.

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