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Your Transfer Rumour Is Bullshit: Mohamed Salah Leaving Liverpool Next Summer

Slow start to the silly season, I guess.

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Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

After the Phil Saga last year, things can get a little testy when suggestions that our top goal scorers are trying to leave appear. So, you know, it behooves us to nip these types of things in the bud as soon as they come up because well... see the title.

Not exactly known for their reliable reporting, but the Mirror is claiming that Mohamed Salah recently rejected a £150 million offers from Real Madrid and Juventus to leave Liverpool this summer, and has decided to review the offers again next summer after helping bring silverware back to Merseyside this year.

They go on to claim further that Klopp is aware of the interest, and rumours that Real Madrid have been interested in Salah are not new, so at least they got that part right. Klopp allegedly has been in discussions with the club’s higher ups on how to proceed and potential replacements to line up should the worst happen.

The only problem is that Salah has been incredibly open about his happiness to stay at Liverpool, even going so far as to sign a new contract (with no release clause, as is required these days) that will keep him on Merseyside until 2023. So even though there are claims that Salah will reassess his options next summer, and potentially leave, there’s no basis to them whatsoever, and they’re honestly there to just stir up trouble as we get into the transfer season.

Unless things go dramatically awry next season and Liverpool implode in a way that only Liverpool can after winning a major trophy, Mohamed Salah is likely staying in Red and we’ll enjoy every minute that we have with him.

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