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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool’s Lyon Friendly Could Be Precursor to Fekir Deal

I mean, it probably isn’t, but that’s never stopped the rumour mongers before.

Olympique Lyonnais v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Group F Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

When Liverpool’s €50M move for Nabil Fekir last summer broke down, reportedly due to an increased long-term risk of injury turned up by his medical, some assumed that would be the last we’d hear of the talented French international making the move to Anfield.

Most, though, knew different. Most knew that in the land of transfer rumours, where digital ink is cheap and anything goes, for as long as Fekir remained at Lyon there would always be rumblings of Liverpool just maybe going back for him. Which brings us to today.

Today, local Lyon print outlet Le Progres and Ligue 1 fansite Foot 01 are claiming that the Reds remain interested in Fekir and that a pre-season friendly between the two clubs was agreed in part as a way of mending the relationship in order to rekindle a deal.

Liverpool are heading to the south of France for a spell during pre-season, and their time there will conclude with a short trip across the Swiss border to Geneva and a game against Lyon on July 31st before returning to England for the Community Shield.

And as the story goes today in those French outlets, Lyon will be keeping the gate for that game as a peace offering for how the deal broke down. Meanwhile, Fekir is in the final year of his contract and there are rumours he could be had for as little as €15M.

Which, if you put it all together means Liverpool might go back for him now that they’re on good terms with Lyon and Fekir could be had on the cheap. And that’s really all the story is here—putting a few things together and getting maybe because reasons?

If you’re looking for actual insight and inside sources there’s nothing of the sort here, but having been mentioned as a possibility in France this maybe because reasons? has now spread to the English tabloids because that’s how this sort of thing works.

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