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Your Transfer Rumour is Bullshit: Nabil Fekir is Back on the Menu

Nabil Fekir isn’t back on the menu.

Olympique Lyonnais v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim - UEFA Champions League Group F Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

It seems a fairly safe bet that, after his deal fell though last summer despite an agreed fee and personal terms and with never confirmed rumours swirling of issues discovered during his medical, Nabil Fekir to Liverpool isn’t going to happen.

Still, he’s a big name—albeit a big name who’s struggled at Lyon since last summer’s failed move—and that name will likely be tied to Liverpool for the rest of his career. Which means that rumour mongers like The Mirror simply can’t help themselves.

So we have them suggesting today that Fekir to Liverpool could be back on after a report in France’s L’Equipe claimed he has a handshake agreement with Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas that will allow him to leave the club this summer.

It’s worth noting that L’Equipe don’t mention Liverpool in any of this. Just that Fekir isn’t expected to be at Lyon next season. So we have one report in France that may or may not be true giving The Mirror an opening to link Fekir to Liverpool again.

It’s scant. It’s speculative. At best it amounts to maybe Fekir is going to be sold and—based on nothing in particular—if he is going to be sold then since Liverpool were in for him last year they could be in for him again if the price is right maybe?

Realistically, though, if whatever was turned up in the medical last summer was enough for the Reds to call the deal off, they won’t be going back again. They’ll have moved on, identifying and laying down the groundwork with other potential targets.

And, being perfectly honest, we’d rather have moved on, too. But The Mirror have made a story of it that others have since picked up—often crediting it as “via L’Equipe” without mentioning that L’Equipe never, you know, mention Liverpool—so here we are.

Telling you not to pay any damn attention to it. Because, handshake agreement with Jean-Michel Aulas or not, Nabil Fekir isn’t going to be showing up at Liverpool this summer. It just isn’t happening. Really. Sorry about that.

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