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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Demand £35M for Marko Grujic

That’s a lot of money.

Bongarts/Getty Images

Marko Grujic has been a star for Hertha Berlin this season. According to their manager, he’s the best midfielder who has played for the German side in at least 20 yers. As such, they’ve made no secret of the fact they’d like him back on loan again next year.

A return, though, doesn’t seem likely. Because in recent months there have been reports that Bayern Munich could be sniffing around. And now there are rumours that Atletico Madrid are also interested in signing the dynamic 22-year-old midfielder.

According to ESPN, if Atleti lose midfielder Rodri—who has a €70M release clause—to Manchester City—Grujic is at the top of the list of potential replacements and, as such, they have made initial enquiries into what it would take to pry him from Liverpool.

The answer they got back was €40M in Euros, or £35M in Pounds. That’s a lot of money. Perhaps even the kind of money that suggests Grujic really could have a future at Anfield if somebody isn’t willing to pay big money to sign him up this summer.

Really, though, perhaps that shouldn’t be that surprising, given the thing with Hertha’s manager calling him the best midfielder they’ve had in two decades and him being their player of the season. Really, the only mark against him there has been fitness.

In every other way, he’s looked a player worthy of attracting the interest of the Bayerns and Atletis of the world. Or of returning to Anfield and having at least a key rotation role in the Reds’ midfield. Put that together with his age, and £35M isn’t so unreasonable.

If true—and, as with any rumour, that’s one mighty big caveat—it says that Grujic is good enough that he could have a role to play at Anfield next season but that he isn’t seen as a lock and so, for the right price at least, he would be available.

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