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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Move for Mystery Benfica Star

The rumour mongers in Portugal don’t even need a specific player to link to Liverpool any more. It’s a brave new world.

Benfica v Vitoria Setubal
Is it Joao Felix? Maybe!
Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

In the past, when you wanted to fire up the old rumour mongering machine it took at the very least a pair of clubs and a player to do so. A bit of chatter about fees and contracts and other interested parties could help, but two clubs and a player.

That was the minimum. At least until today, when rumour mongers in Portugal decided to blaze a new trail and set new standards in rumour mongering by firing up the machine with just two clubs put in it. Two clubs. No player. And a brave new orld.

Correio da Manha, a Lisbon tabloid daily and Portugal’s most read paper, has today claimed Liverpool have moved for a Benfica player. Which one? Well, if they know, they aren’t saying. But it’s definitely a Benfica player. And Liverpool have made a move.

It could be Alex Grimaldo or Ruben Dias or Joao Felix or Gedson Fernandes or Florentino or Ferro or Jota. We know that—for values of know equating to el oh el—as Correio da Manha say Benfica expect to get offers and sell some of those players.

Heck, they expect to bring in around €300M from selling some combination of those players. And Liverpool have already made their move. Does that need a few exclamation marks for effect? It feels like it needs a few exclamation marks.

Anyhow. It’s probably Joao Felix. That’s probably who they’re talking about given back in January the rumour mongers in Portugal said the Reds had a £61M bid for the 19-year-old rejected. Nobody reliable thought they’d made the bid, mind.

And on that point, the rumour mongers in Portugal do like to link Liverpool with big money moves for players that, by all reliable accounts, they have no actual interest in. It happens every window, seemingly without fail. It’s kind of a thing.

Inevitably, Liverpool don’t actually sign the player, and they probably won’t this time whether it’s Felix or Alex Grimaldo or Ruben Dias or Gedson Fernandes or Florentino or Ferro or Jota. Because they never, ever actually do.

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