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Loris Karius Reportedly Seeking Legal Action Against Besiktas

According to reports, the Liverpool loanee has gone 4 months without pay.

Chester FC v Liverpool - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

The last ten months or so have been, well, pretty shit for Loris Karius. From the highest of highs—helping your team to a Champions League final—to becoming a one man punchline during the biggest game of your life. Then getting unceremoniously replaced and shipped out to Turkey on a two-year loan. And then, according to German publication Bild, not getting paid by said club for 4 months.

Fortunes change quickly in the world of football. Now, Karius is reportedly seeking legal action against his current club, reporting the matter to FIFA after giving Besiktas a 10-day “pay or else” ultimatum.

To make matters worse, his manager Senol Gunes has taken Karius to task for some poor performances.

“He was at fault for the goals he conceded,” Gunes said after the match on the weekend. “It has been like that since the beginning. He does not really feel a part of the team, it’s something we haven’t been able to work out and, of course, I am partly to blame for this.

“Something is wrong, he has also been unlucky. [He] is talented but it hasn’t worked out and we have a problem.”

Gee, I wonder if not getting paid has any correlation with an employee’s motivation?

FIFA is clearly in a pickle here. While they care deeply about money, they really don’t care about the players’ wellbeing. I assume they’ll do what they normally do: wait to see who pays the biggest bribe, and sort the matter after a “thorough investigation.”

As a human, I feel terrible for the situation Karius is in. I don’t want him anywhere near this Liverpool squad, mind you, but I feel terrible nonetheless.

Prior to the loan, the hope was that Karius would be able to rehabilitate his career, at least to some extent. But as this year from hell drags on, that seems less and less likely.

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