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Rumour Mongering: Kylian Mbappe is Liverpool’s “Ultimate Ambition”

It’s thin, even as transfer rumours go, but it’ll help keep the #Mbappe2020 dream alive.

Liverpool v Paris Saint Germain - Champions League Photo by Anthony Dibon/Icon Sport via Getty Images

We haven’t talked about Kylian Mbappe all that much of late, what with Jürgen Klopp having gone out of his way to throw cold water on the rumours and the player’s £200M-plus price tag widely being seen as prohibitive even to a club as well off as Liverpool.

As much fun as everyone had talking #Mbappe2020 and spinning theories of a Nike kit deal helping the club to land the player, at the end of the day it was all done jokingly. Or at least mostly jokingly. But what’s that, you say? The dream might still be alive?

At least one reputable journalist says it could be, with The Independent’s James Ducker claiming Mbappe remains Liverpool’s “ultimate goal” in the transfer market as the club look to do a bit of spending in 2020 after a relatively quiet summer this year.

For context, Ducker is primarily known for his insight into the goings on at Manchester United, and the Mbappe tidbit is dropped into a story about United believing they have poll position in the race to sign rising star Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho.

Still, it’s The Independent and an actual journalist with at least something of an actual track record. And he’s saying that Liverpool maintain an interest in Mbappe—that perhaps that interest even has something to do with them not going all in on Sancho.

In all likelihood, of course, Mbappe is fated for Real Madrid. There’s probably no other club that could reasonably afford him. But for now, at least, and mostly jokingly, the dream is still alive. Mbappe. Liverpool. Next Summer. Prepare yourselves.

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