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Rumor Mongering: Adam Lallana to Join Rangers This Month

For those who like the odds, there are some good ones on Lallana heading to Scotland this transfer window.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Here’s one from deep. There’s little information, save for what the bookmakers are predicting, but let’s run with it and see what happens. Adam Lallana is thought to be weighing up his options this month, and why not? He hasn’t been playing regularly for Jürgen Klopp due to either injury or his new reality down the pecking order at Liverpool. It’s easy to predict the 30-year-old could be ready to look elsewhere for minutes.

Now, add in a splash of that Steven Gerrard connection and the Cryff-turn made flesh is suddenly tipped for Glasgow and Rangers.

I haven’t the slightest idea about whether or not Gerrard needs a Lallana in his side or if such a move would be a boon for the Liverpool midfielder but it’s clear that Lallana will need to switch clubs at some point if he wants to spend the remaining years of his career actually playing football.

Gerrard has already added a couple of old Premier League boys to his squad this window. Jermain Defoe was brought in from Bournemouth on loan as was Southampton’s Steven Davis. Both players are nearing the ends of their careers and see the Scottish Premier League as an opportunity to extend their existence in the game. Lallana could perhaps view a move similarly.

Lallana signed for Liverpool in 2014 and has made 106 appearances for the club. There was a time when his magic with the ball was a major asset in Liverpool’s attacking play but injuries have forced the player out of action in the last couple of seasons. Now, with an attacking group that completely outshines that of Lallana’s heyday, the Southampton academy graduate is left with few options for minutes under Klopp.

Lallana was a clear favorite of the Liverpool manager but time stops for no one and what once was will never be again. This could all be for nothing, of course. But, the day will come soon, be it January or the summer, when we say goodbye to Jordan Henderson’s best friend.

Still though, Rangers? I'm not seeing it.

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