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Your Transfer Rumour is Bullshit: Tottenham Look to Divock Origi to Save Their Season

Divock Origi to Tottenham? We don’t think so, either. But it’s out there in the wild now so let’s break it down.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool - Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Look, let’s get one thing clear right off the top: Divock Origi isn’t actually going to be joining Tottenham this month. But one newspaper mentioned he might fit the profile for them and now others have taken that “he fits the profile” and are busy spinning it into a thing.

So. Divock Origi. To Tottenham. Which would be a thing Spurs might want to do, at least theoretically, on account of Harry Kane being set to miss next two months due to an ankle injury. Which is a big deal for Spurs’ top four hopes—never mind their title aspirations.

It changes things for the London club, from looking ahead asking if they can catch up with Liverpool to looking behind and hoping they don’t get caught by Manchester United or Arsenal. And it means they could probably do with bringing in a striker this month.

It’s a situation that led The Telegraph’s Matt Law—a reliable sort with connections when it comes to Spurs—to argue the case for why Tottenham don’t actually need to sign a striker this month wherein he name-checks Origi as a player with “right age and profile.”

And it didn’t take long for Law’s suggestion that Origi would be the sort of player that Spurs might want to consider signing if they wanted to sign someone to be turned into Spurs wanting to actually sign him by The Express and so now that’s a rumour that exists.

And it’s a rumour that really shouldn’t be taken seriously. Because the journalist with ties to Spurs who (sort of) started it didn’t actually say Spurs were considering Origi. He also listed Jay Rodriguez and Jarrod Bowen as other strikers who would fit the right profile.

So. Divock Origi. To Tottenham. Isn’t going to happen. But you’ll probably hear about it like it’s a thing that just maybe could over the next couple of days. Now you’ll know why.

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