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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Have the Edge on Signing Nicolo Barella

Tottenham has also expressed interest in the Italian U-21 midfielder.

Italy Portrait Session Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Liverpool have reportedly been keeping a very interested eye on Italian U21 international and Cagliari star, Nicolo Barella, and are in prime position to sign the midfielder. Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham, as well as Serie A’s Milan and Inter, have also reportedly registered interest in the player but Barella is very interested in England, and much more importantly, one of Liverpool’s stakeholders.

“Cagliari received offers and turned them down,” Barella told Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport, “I am happy to have remained with the club I support.

“If I had to choose between Serie A and the Premier League, I’d go for England because I like the way they approach the game. Plus everyone there is just as irritable and prone to fouls as me!

“My dream is to get a nice house with a garden and a pool. And to meet LeBron James.”

Barella, who is valued at £35 million, scored six goals in 34 appearances for Cagliari last season and has impressed scouts (and Klopp) with his skill. He also racked up 14 yellow cards last season, so perhaps there are some things to iron out before LeBron makes this happen.

Of course, all these rumours are coming from The Express with nary a peep from the Echo or anyone else close to the club, so it’s entirely probable that the player’s agent is trying to drum up interest and money. That being said, I’m very excited to watch our new talent closer, LeBron James, in action.

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