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Premier League Might Revisit Transfer Window Policy

Although Liverpool got their business done early, not all teams are satisfied with the window closing before the season begins.

Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United: Premier League 2
Just...just one transfer? Please?
Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Liverpool, club and fans alike, are thrilled with one of their best transfer windows in recent memory. If the club was hampered by last year’s decision to end the transfer window before the start of the new season, it certainly didn’t show.

However, not all clubs are so thrilled by the new policy, especially considering most of Europe did not follow suit. Tottenham, notably, was the first club to not make at least one summer signing since 2003. Manchester United also struggled to move on transfer targets (for reasons largely unrelated to the timing of the window closing, it must be said).

This morning, Mirror Sport are reporting that at least two clubs have changed their minds about the transfer window since the vote last September. They did not name the clubs, but the two aforementioned clubs seem likely candidates.

However, it would take 14 teams to change the current policy, and the Mirror’s report did not indicate widespread displeasure from other clubs.

Although Liverpool benefitted from signing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Arsenal on deadline day last year, they also had to deal with the Philippe Coutinho transfer saga and resulting “back injury.” United might have to face a similar situation with Paul Pogba this time around, and without the benefit of adding a replacement within the window (unlucky).

Only Italy followed England’s lead, but even that is a slight disadvantage (for England) since the Serie A season starts a week later than the Premier League’s. Regardless, the whole conversation might be mooted by FIFA, who are discussing the implementation of a universal transfer window.

Personally, I’d be happy to see the window remain as is. It’s nice to concentrate on football at the start of the new season (especially when you’ve already taken care of business off the pitch).

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