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Liverpool Reportedly Not Interested in Signing Paulo Dybala

If you’re being honest, you always knew this was how this transfer rumour ended.

AS Roma v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It always seemed a long-shot, Liverpool’s purported interest in Paulo Dybala. A speculative linking of Juventus’ presumed need to sell and Liverpool’s continuing desire to buy, a quite sketchy local source happy to provide amplification, and the desire to believe.

It lasted a few days. And today it appears ended, not in the way Liverpool fans would have hoped perhaps but in the way that, realistically, they expected all along. Today, it ends not with Paulo Dybala being unveiled but with the club saying they aren’t interested.

The Reds do not have Dybala on their lists—he isn’t a player that has been heavily scouted and is not currently a target. So says James Pearce in The Liverpool Echo, who just for good measure tacks on that the club aren’t going to return for Nabil Fekir, either.

Still, even if it won’t be Dybala and it won’t be Fekir, Liverpool do want to bring in a flexible midfield and attacking option, the long-delayed now replacement for Philippe Coutinho following the Brazilian’s big money departure for Barcelona back in January.

Nobody knows who that target might end up being—or if they do know they aren’t talking about it publicly—but it won’t be Paulo Dybala. Which is disappointing, of course, though very much the expected outcome in all of this.

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