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Rumour Mongering: Argentinean Outlet Links Paulo Dybala with Liverpool Move

It’s a sketchy rumour from a questionable source and it’s probably not true. So, let’s all get excited!

Juventus v Hellas Verona FC - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Liverpool won’t be signing Nabil Fekir but they still want to bring in a versatile attacking reinforcement, a player capable of doing what Philippe Coutinho did before he left for Barcelona and playing as the most attacking midfielder or in the front three.

Meanwhile, Juventus are set to sign Ronaldo from Real Madrid in a deal expected to be worth €100M. It’d be a lot of money, even for one of the big English or Spanish sides. For Juventus, it’s a lot of lot of money. Which has people thinking they need to make sales.

Now, after a few oh-so-tentative whispers late last week that the sale they might just end up having to make is of 24-year-old star Paulo Dybala and that just maybe Liverpool could be looking to make a splash following the collapse of the Fekir deal, well, here we are.

So where is here? Here is where Argentinian speculators Futbol Mercado claim Liverpool are willing to give Juventus €90M. Out of the kindness of their hearts to help Juventus sign Ronaldo. And with just the small matter of wanting Dybala back in exchange for it.

It seems speculative, and it seems unlikely, and it probably isn’t actually going to happen. But Liverpool still do want a versatile attacking reinforcement capable of doing what Philippe Coutinho did and what Nabil Fekir would have had that deal gone through.

And Juventus, if they really are going to pay not just €100M to sign Ronaldo but also the wages for the ageing Portuguese superstar, probably do need to sell. And, hey, Dybala is Argentinean so maybe it’s more plausible than if it was a Swedish paper saying it.

But probably not, and as a sketchy-looking Argentinean outlet is still first and foremost a sketchy-looking outlet Liverpool fans probably shouldn’t be getting their hopes up on this one. Even if it might be exceptionally difficult not to.

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