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Rumor Mongering: Lyon Will Sell Fekir, If The Price Is Right

According to reports, Liverpool will get their target, if they pony up the dough.

Everton FC v Olympique Lyon - UEFA Europa League Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Ordinarily, using the word “saga” to describe the ongoing transfer dealings between Ligue 1 side Lyon and Liverpool for attacking midfielder Nabil Fekir would not be at all fair. It’s not a saga. It’s kind of normal. But after the jaw-dropping pace of the Fabinho signing, Fekir’s capture now feels like a saga.

Anyway, the latest twist in the not-a-saga-but-starting-to-feel-like-a-saga is that Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has reluctantly agreed to Fekir’s sale to Liverpool if Merseyside’s Finest can offer up an appropriate fee. At least that’s the word, according to The Mirror.

Although Fekir remains a high priority for Liverpool this summer, there are reasons to take this particular report with a large grain of salt. The report includes no quotes, and really no context for Aulas’s supposed and sudden change of heart. Well then.

Up until now, the sticking point over Fekir had not so much been the price, but the timing. Well, and also the price. Aulas previously wanted to wait until after the World Cup, in hopes that a big tournament from Fekir would result in a bigger payday for Lyon.

Klopp & Co, alternatively, were hoping to complete the deal before the World Cup kicks off in order to wrap up a major bit of their summer transfer plans early.

This might be a softening of Aulas’s stance. Or it might be made up bullshit for clicks. And the deal could be wrapped up before the World Cup, or it could start getting into saga territory. Time will tell.

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