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Mignolet Unsure About Liverpool Future

Liverpool’s goalkeeper, the other one, will make a decision after the World Cup.

Liverpool Training Session - UEFA Champions League Final Previews Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

There have been no shortage of words, spoken and printed, about The Loris Karius Situation. The opinions generally range from “I’m not sure if spending £30 million on Jack Butland improves our situation” to “I never want to see him play for Liverpool again.” Despite his otherwise excellent second half of the season, two massive concussion-induced mistakes in the Champions League final has irredeemably soured Karius for a fair few Liverpool fans.

On the other hand, comparatively few words have been spilled over the other goalkeeper situation at the club, 5-year between-the-sticks servant Simon Mignolet. At 30-years-old, we know exactly what we have with Mignolet. Although he hasn’t produced mistakes of the size and scale as Karius’s two blinders, he also A) never proved himself to be an elite keeper at Liverpool, and B) never played in a Champions League final after taking a Sergio Ramos elbow to the head.

The speculation has long been that Mignolet would be moved on this summer after twice losing his job to Karius. However, Mignolet is remaining tight-lipped about any potential transfers.

“I am going to look at my situation when I come back from the World Cup,” Mignolet said in an interview.

“I didn’t play in the last few months at Liverpool, so after the tournament I will look at everything. I can’t say much more. I don’t know how long I will have off after the tournament. I need to speak to the manager about that.”

He is apparently not in contact with Herr Klopp at the moment, though fan favorite goalkeeping coach John Achterberg has been texting with the Belgian international.

“John Achterberg sends me a text before every game, to see how I am and if I am fit, so I keep in touch with him.

“[But] at this moment I have not been speaking to anyone at Liverpool because I have been trying to focus on Belgium.”

This is all intentionally ambiguous, but it certainly sounds like both Liverpool and Mignolet would be interested in finding a new forever home for the goalkeeper, assuming the price is right. And if he wants to take BFF Achterberg with him, well, that would probably be just fine.

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