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Liverpool Reportedly Struggling to Find Home for Daniel Sturridge

Nobody wants to pay £15M for Daniel Sturridge. Try not to act shocked.

West Bromwich Albion v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

In news that absolutely everyone will have seen coming from a mile away, it appears that Liverpool are struggling to find any club out there who are willing to pay the £15M price tag they have put on oft-injured striker Daniel Sturridge.

This according to Goal’s Neil Jones, formerly of The Liverpool Echo, who says that despite having received enquiries into Sturridge’s availability—with Besiktas in particular meant to be interested in signing him—there have been no offers.

Earlier in the summer there was a flurry of rumours out of Turkey concerning Besiktas’ interest in the 28-year-old, but they all said that the Super Lig club would be unwilling to pay more than £5M to sign Sturridge such was his injury record.

Given Sturridge is on high wages—currently Liverpool pay him £100k per week—it was easy to understand Besiktas’ stance, and many fans believed that if a club was willing to pay a fee to take him out of England that Liverpool should take it.

Liverpool, though, wanted £15M. That was the rumour at the time, and it was the rumour a week later when stories in the English press claimed there was interest in the player from Sevilla. That interest, it has to be said, looked suspicious.

That Sevilla interest looked a lot like Liverpool floating the name of another interested club in the press in an attempt to get Besiktas to table an offer at least closer to the £15M they wanted than the £5M Besiktas were willing to spend.

There does appear to be interest in Sturridge from Besiktas, but it’s clear now that interest won’t result in a bid matching Liverpool’s valuation. And it’s unlikely any club this summer will meet it. The choice of what happens next is Liverpool’s.

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