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Dear Emre Can, Please Sign for Juventus Already

I’m tired, Emre.

Liverpool Training Session - UEFA Champions League Final Previews Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

We haven’t checked in on Emre Can since he supposedly (finally) signed his Juventus deal (for real) two weeks ago and then Liverpool told the world he definitely officially wouldn’t be at the club for the 2018-19 season (because obviously).

Mostly because in the two weeks since he supposedly (finally) did sign with Juventus (for real) and Liverpool told the world he wouldn’t be sticking around (officially) nothing much has actually happened (okay, campers, rise and shine).

Plus there’s been, like, Liverpool signing and then not signing and then who the hell knows-ing Nabil Fekir and also the World Cup is on. So there’s been other stuff to worry about. And, I mean. Honestly. The whole Emre Can thing is just exhausting.

It’s been clear he wouldn’t be sticking around at Anfield for more than a year now and he’s (supposedly) been on the verge of signing for Juventus damn near every week since. Which means we’ve gone through this (counts fingers) about 52 times now.

But this time (really) for real (really) he might be signing for Juventus (really). This week (really). At least according to the journos who (supposedly) have contacts with the Serie A side. So. Emre Can will really sign for Juventus this week (maybe).

Or he won’t and we’ll do this again next week (yay?). Unless there’s a new twist in the Fekir transfer saga (yay?) or a new exciting transfer target (yay!) or something fun happens in the World Cup to distract us (yay!). Then we’ll do it the week after (yay?).

But hopefully (hopefully) he does sign for Juventus this week. I mean, bloody hell, Emre. Just get it over with. Or, I mean, pull a last minute switch and sign for Man United if that’s been your plan all along. I really don’t even care any more.

I just want this to be the last week we have to talk about Emre Can supposedly being on the verge of signing for Juventus (finally) and then he doesn’t sign for Juventus and we have to do it all over again (it’s been 84 years).

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