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Schrödinger’s Fekir: The Transfer Is Both Dead and Alive

Fekir’s agent hinted that transfer might still be on. Possibly.

Atalanta v Olympique Lyon - UEFA Europa League Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

It has been days—DAYS!—since the Nabil Fekir rumor transfer mill has turned. Well, we have fresh quotes to rumor monger over, straight from the player and his agent.

“He didn’t sign because um... it is not over! This is not the end of the story,” Fekir’s agent, Jean-Pierre Bernes said on French television last night.

Not the end of the story! How interesting and cryptic!

Not to be outdone, the player himself spoke to French media during a pre-match press-conference, one-upping his agent in the Battle to Give Nothing Away.

“You know I am here with France, I am happy, and I am not here to discuss my personal situation. We will see about all that later,” Fekir said, adding, “My knee is super-good. We work a lot on it, we reinforce it. But I honestly feel like before my injury.”

Although Lyon’s president, Jean-Michel Auras is in Russia for the World Cup, Fekir admits the two have not spoken further about the transfer situation.

“It was great to see Jean-Michel Aulas yesterday at Istra but we did not at all discuss my situation at Lyon.”

So, what does all of this mean? Who knows?

Perhaps this is an attempt to rebuild his reputation for other potential suitors. Or, perhaps, leaving the possibility of negotiations to restart between Liverpool and Lyon after the World Cup. Or perhaps it means nothing, the deal is well and truly dead, and we’ll never truly know what happened between Thursday night, when the deal was all but done, and Saturday morning when the deal was called off indefinitely.

That both Fekir and his agent felt the need to speak out probably indicates something, I’m just not sure what that something is, exactly.

For now, I guess we’ll all just have to sit tight, and wait for the World Cup to end.

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