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Liverpool Seek £15M from Sevilla or Besiktas for Daniel Sturridge

The Liverpool striker is for sale—but the club are asking for an awful lot, all things considered.

West Bromwich Albion v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Daniel Sturridge is for sale. This isn’t news. Given his age, wage, and injury record and that Roberto Firmino has locked down the number one striker job at Liverpool it would be more of a surprise if the club weren’t looking to find him a new permanent home this summer.

What is surprising is Liverpool have set his value at £15M according to Paul Joyce in The Times and Chris Bascombe in The Telegraph, and that Besiktas and Sevilla are both said to be interested. This comes a week after reports out of Turkey that Besiktas were interested.

Then, though, the Turkish reports said Besiktas weren’t willing to pay more than £5M for Sturridge on account of his age, wage, and injury record—and the opinion of many fans at least was that was a fair stance and Liverpool should take what they could get for him.

Especially if it got the player out of England to protect against the small but not impossible chance the striker finds something resembling fitness and his old form, for a player with his injury record who’s on £100k per week, a willing suitor at any price should be welcomed.

That, at least, was the general consensus on the outside. On the inside, it appears not to be the case, and the club appear confident that somebody will pay more than what Besiktas signalled they were willing to last week—or that Besiktas can be forced to up their bid.

If they can, and if Liverpool can get anything like £15M from Sturridge from either Besiktas or Sevilla, and the club will deserve praise. But there’s a real risk here Sturridge will be priced out of a move and forced to depart late in the window on another loan.

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