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Rumour Mongering: Madrid Outcast Gareth Bale Shuns Liverpool

It’s a “you can’t fire me because I quit” situation for Bale if you believe the Spanish press. Which you probably shouldn’t.

Real Madrid v Girona - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Gareth Bale is out of favour and soon to be on the way out at Real Madrid. This seems to be something of the consensus view amongst the tabloid press in both Spain and England, with speculation rampant the 28-year-old winger’s time with the La Liga giants is done.

The question, then, turns to what’s next for Bale, and given his wages and likely transfer fee, the only real option would seem to be England. Hence the part where it’s the Spanish and English tabloid press mostly speculating wildly about what might lie in Bale’s future.

If you believe Spain’s Don Balon, though—and we can’t stress enough that you really shouldn’t—he won’t end up at Liverpool, with the player having sorted through his potential destinations and ruled out Anfield in favour of a move to Manchester United in the summer.

He’d even rather, if it comes to it, prefer a return to Spurs. Or so the dubious story goes. Which we’re mostly passing along out of a sense of exhausted obligation since Bale to Club X or Club Y but not Club Z is a thing people are talking about fairly often these days.

Realistically, though, Bale isn’t a player Liverpool are likely to be interested in . Not at this stage in his career—and especially not given his reliance on pace and recent run of injuries. Frankly, big bucks on Bale is like a move likely to end like Fernando Torres to Chelsea.

Bale has played just 21 league games for Madrid this year, and three of those appearances were off the bench. He’s suffered three significant injuries, twice injuring his calf and once his hamstring, missing a total of two months of action and 14 games in the process.

When he plays he does still score, with 11 goals along with four assists for a goal or assist every 95 minutes in league action. But the warning signs are there for any club looking to spend big on Bale, and there are no signs Liverpool have even considered him.

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