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Your Transfer Rumor Is Bullshit: Salah House Hunting Edition

Diario Gol is at it again, with the outrageous claim that Coutinho has the inside track into Salah’s upcoming Madrid move.

Spanish publication Diario Gol is at it again, this time with the laughable claim that former Liverpool player and current non-Champions League semifinalist Philippe Coutinho has the inside scoop into Mohamed Salah’s future.

The report claims that Salah is house hunting around Madrid, and moreover, was courteous enough to inform his former teammate of less than a half-of-a-year that he was doing so ahead of a big summer move. Well. Naturally.

The report is very much in conflict with Jürgen Klopp’s emphatic statement to the contrary during yesterday’s pre-match press conference.

“It’s that thing, will he leave or whatever. I don’t think about it,” Klopp said about the ongoing fretting over Salah’s future.

”I don’t think - I know he will be here. But that’s all. It’s only because people always have something to write, something to talk about.”

Not so, claim Diario Gol! Instead, they insist that Salah is moving to Real Madrid for £200 million this summer, and that Salah is looking to have the move wrapped up before the World Cup kicks off.

Not only that, but Salah thought to mention this top secret information to Coutinho, who happens to play for Madrid’s biggest rival. Because of course he would. How very thoughtful of Mo.

It’s hard not to read this bit of rumor mongering as nothing more than sour grapes from Barcelona fans, who watched their side fail to reach the semifinals, while Coutinho’s former club and their biggest rivals, did. So why not engage in a bit of rumor mongering to annoy a few Liverpool fans on the day of the big semifinal draw?

Of course, Salah could end up leaving this summer, and if so, Real Madrid are one of the few clubs who could shell out the dough for his services.

But all signs so far indicate that Salah will be on Merseyside for at least one more season, including the words from Kloppo himself. And even if he decides to leave, this particular rumor is almost certainly made up bullshit.

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