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Rumour Mongering: Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool Insider

Coutinho has been tipped off about Liverpool’s plans to sign Dani Ceballos. Or not. We’re gonna go with not.

Liverpool v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The rumour mongers in Spain—and in particular Don Balon and Diario Gol—are truly unmatched at their game. And their game is throwing shit against a wall. For the weird, for the nonsensical, for the obviously poorly sourced. There’s nobody better.

And today, Don Balon are claiming Philippe Coutinho as both their source and an expert on Liverpool’s supposed future transfer dealings. Transfer dealings that will have an impact on Real Madrid as they concern Spanish midfielder Dani Ceballos.

For some reason, then, Coutinho was informed of Liverpool’s transfer plans following his departure—either by the club or by a former teammate who for some reason is himself privy to those transfer plans—and has told some journalist at Don Balon about it.

It’s either that or they’re just making shit up. So yeah it’s probably that they’re making shit up. It’s at least plausible Dani Ceballos—a highly rated player at Betis who moved to Madrid and has found his development blocked—wants a move, though.

That in itself isn’t a hard concept to swallow, and Liverpool have been linked to the 21-year-old in the past—though Don Balon say now that despite Liverpool’s supposed interest he could end up at Roma as they’re willing to give Madrid a buyback.

He’s a good player, a top talent whose development has been hindered by moving to Madrid too soon, and for the right price and without a buyback option it’s not ridiculous to imagine Liverpool would have him on a list somewhere as an option.

Philippe Coutinho, though, isn’t the insider you’re looking for. And Don Balon isn’t an outlet you want to give any weight to—they’re bound to get something right by dumb luck and the law of averages, but it probably won’t be this one.

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