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Your Transfer Rumor is Bullshit: Liverpool Interested in Real Madrid’s Benzema

The Express via Don Balon would like you to believe that Liverpool are interested in signing Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid CF v Liverpool FC - UEFA Champions League
“And this is how I became a star with Ringling Brothers!” - Karim Benzema, The Worst.
Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Winding down towards the end of the international break with actual news in short supply, the merchants at your local rumor mill find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to make the quota at their respective outlets of note. Today, the Daily Express via the third most important Don in history (behind Cornelious and -atello), Don Balon, serve up a truly overripe rumor in the vein of Karim Benzema being chased by Liverpool and Arsenal.

The rumor indicates that this is generally being motivated by Real Madrid’s need to sell in order to make way for their prime transfer target, Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski. Supposedly saddled with a £100m transfer tag, Benzema will be part of Madrid’s set of outgoings in order to make financial weight.

Never mind that Madrid can print its own money. Never mind that it’s also possible there’s some £ to € shenanigans between the Daily Express and Don Balon. And never mind the respective fits for either Arsenal or Liverpool, this rumor needs to be shared, apparently.

Still, all things being told, this rumor makes very little sense. First, Benzema’s game doesn’t seem well suited for Jurgen Klopp’s high-press and he’d likely have trouble finding game time as more than just a rotational piece up front. Secondly, the financial considerations of paying Benzema would likely place him in the top tier of player wages - ahead of every member of LFC’s effervescent attacking trio and even with VVD’s reported weekly wage. That’s a lot to shell out for a forward that would be an awkward fit and merely insurance for injury.

All told it’s a bad rumor. And given Benzema’s checkered past, it makes it even easier to dismiss and move on. Luckily, we’re only hours away from LFC football and at least some respite from these basura rumors.

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