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Rumour Mongering: Reds Battle Manchester City and Juventus for Jack Wilshere

So yeah he’s totally gonna sign for Everton.

England Media Access Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Nabil Fekir. Wilfred Ndidi. Jorginho. If the midfielders being linked with Liverpool moves this summer—and with, let’s not forget, Naby Keïta set to arrive—had you getting just a little too excited during the international break, The Mirror would like to help with the comedown.

And they’re doing that by suggesting that Liverpool are one of the many, many big clubs chasing seriously and for real after Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere, whose deal with the Gunners runs out this summer. But don’t get your hopes up (or down, or whatever).

Liverpool, Manchester City, Juventus, and AC Milan are all said to want Wilshere. But there’s a fifth club on the list of supposed suitors: Everton. Four big clubs with either money or history. Four big clubs in Europe. And Everton. One of these things is not like the others.

Assuming there’s any truth to what The Mirror are selling, the likeliest reading is that Everton are Wilshere’s most serious suitors and someone in his camp is leaking the other names to try to get a better deal from them—or to get them to hurry up and offer one at all.

Or the names are being leaked in an effort to get Arsenal to offer more than the pay-as-you-play deal currently on the table for Wilshere if he wants to remain in London. Alternately of course it could just be The Mirror making it up entirely. Try not to act too shocked.

Whatever the reality, it’s probably safe to assume that Liverpool, City, Juventus, and Milan aren’t all lined up looking to offer Jack Wilshere a lucrative bossman deal in the summer and Reds fans can go back to daydreaming about a Keïta-Jorginho-Fekir midfield.

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