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Emre Can Narrows It Down To Four, Five Leagues, Tops

The German midfielder is remaining coy about his upcoming summer decision. Well. We’re waiting.

Liverpool v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Another day, another story about the lack of a definite summer destination for Emre Can. With his contract winding down, the 24-year-old has remained consistently tight-lipped about his plans for the summer, and that trend isn’t changing today.

In an interview with German publication Sports Bild, Can reiterated his stance that he will not make a decision until season’s end. In fact, he seemed to indicated an openness to possibilities beyond what has been rumored previously.

“I have the self-confidence to say that my qualities are sufficient to play in a very big club next season,” Can said in the interview.

“I’m doing great in England. Here it is is physical and that suits me. The Spanish league is also attractive. The same applies to Germany, where tactics are concerned, and Italy, which has recently caught up.

“Incidentally, the same applies to France, this league has now established itself as one of the best in Europe. Therefore, I do not want to exclude anything because I do not know what I will do from summer. My goal is to play a lot, more often, and to be a leader.”

Great. Clear as mud. Either England, Italy, Germany, Spain, or France. Unlucky Portugal.

This interview seems to only raise more questions than answers, not just about where he wants to play, but about what he wants from his future employer.

He is essentially a nailed-on starter as it is, especially for the biggest games, and even with the arrival of Naby Keita, that is unlikely to change at Liverpool. And certainly no one is stopping Can from being an on-the-pitch leader (even if he is behind at least Jordan Henderson and James Milner for armband duties).

Money? Well, Can also addressed that issue in the interview.

“The Premier League has the power to spend more money on players than the Bundesliga. This is very, very important for players.”

Liverpool, no doubt, has offered Can quite the lucrative deal, but maybe one of the giants (from one of the four or five biggest leagues!) has offered more. There is also the matter of the buy-out clause, which has been pointed to in the past as a sticking point between the parties.

Anyway, for now the situation is as murky as ever.

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