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Rumour Mongering: Dortmund Put A Price Tag On Christian Pulisic

The Liverpool target could be had in the summer if he doesn’t extend his contract with Borussia Dortmund.

1. FC Koeln v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by TF-Images/TF-Images via Getty Images

One of the undeniable joys of football is the never-ending churn of the rumour mill. Just when you think the unstoppable flow of ITK prose will wane as a transfer window ends, the unimaginable happens: it doesn’t. The mongering must go on. Because the mongering knows no window. It has no timetable. No beginning and no end. What lies beyond the mongering, we don’t know. Theories of a multi-mongerverse abound but are unproven.

The latest rumours involving Borussia Dortmund’s nineteen-year-old attacking midfielder Christian Pulisic have come from the far reaches of German media’s Broadcasters Sport1. The outlet are claiming that Dortmund, while not wanting to let go of their American hero, are suddenly willing to consider offers in the £90million range.

Pulisic’s current contract in Germany ends in 2020 and his club are reportedly hoping to extend that contract to keep the player locked in for the future. But the idea here is that since Dortmund don’t seem sure of Pulisic’s long-term plans they are simultaneously sending a number through the great, churning wheel of the monger mill to see if there are any clubs out there that want to do some high-end business with them in the summer.

From a Liverpool perspective, Pulisic is the figure to replace Thomas Lemar in supporters minds. With the Reds having made it known that Lemar is no longer a target for the summer and with all these months left until the next transfer window opens, a player is needed for the masses to fawn and argue over. Bringing us right back to that undeniable joy.

Liverpool weren’t prepared to pay £90million for Lemar in January. All the factors in that decision are not known but it seems a stretch to say that the club would fork out that amount for Christian Pulisic unless Jürgen Klopp absolutely, positively had to have the young player in his squad.

Pulisic would certainly be a lucrative advertisement for Liverpool in America, where football fandom is growing and an ever-increasing number of fresh eyes on the sport are looking for a Premier League club to follow. The young midfielder has already been attracting attention on the national stage with the U.S. men’s team and many of his fans will be wanting to know where they can watch more of him. The upside is it could be at Liverpool. But, hey, it could also literally be any where else. Feel the churn.

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