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Juventus Reportedly Send Scouts to Watch Emre Can Face Tottenham

The timeline on Can’s seemingly inevitable move to Juventus has stopped making sense.

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Emre Can has seemed to be on the verge of a move to Juventus since at least last summer, when it began to look as though he would resist any attempts by Liverpool to sign him to a new long-term deal and instead would run down his contract before moving to the Serie A giants on a free in 2018.

More than that, Juventus have publicly declared their interest in the player. Yet Can has been free to sign a pre-contract agreement with them since the first of January and, as of today, still hasn’t. It’s a little puzzling—it’s a move meant to be inevitable yet it’s now been five weeks without it happening.

Now, reports in Italy claim Juventus are performing further scouting on Can—and that to that end they sent a team to watch him face Tottenham on Sunday. Which seems rather out of order for a player they’ve already talked about as a top target and most expected them to sign five weeks ago.

Were they at Anfield to figure out if they still actually want to sign him? Were they trying to figure out what role he’ll fill at Juventus? Whatever the case, sending a team to watch Can at this point seems a little odd, and that they might also have been eyeing up Chsitian Eriksen makes even less sense.

Eriksen is one of Spurs’ most important players, and while it’s possible to imagine a club like Real Madrid prying him away from them—particularly if manager Mauricio Pochettino were to end up replacing Zinedine Zidane this summer—it’s rather difficult to imagine Juventus managing it.

As for what does happen next with Can and his soon-to-expire Liverpool contract, well, if anyone knows they aren’t talking. As it was five weeks ago and five months before that, the assumption is he remains destined for Juventus, even if the long wait for that to be made official feels increasingly odd.

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