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Christian Pulisic Talks Premier League Dreams

The Dortmund player was vague about his future and with 18-months on his contract that will only fuel speculation.

Club Atletico de Madrid v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Group A Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Liverpool have been linked heavily with Christian Pulisic pretty much since Jürgen Klopp signed on as manager, and it’s always made a certain superficial sense. Klopp, after all, was in charge at Dortmund when Pulisic first arrived.

Plus the 20-year-old is a top talent or the sort Liverpool like to target. And no matter if it makes any kind of real, financial sense, people will always be quick to point out that both Pulisic and Liverpool’s owners FSG are American.

Now, in England with the USMNT ahead of a friendly against the English national team, he’s been asked about his future—and his answer is only to ramp up speculation in the coming weeks and months, and not just with Liverpool.

“England, the Premier League, is a League where lots of kids dream of playing so there is no reason why maybe one day I won’t play here,” he told reporters. “We are having a great year at Dortmund and I am enjoying every moment of that.

“When the time comes for me to talk in the breaks about my future, then that’s when those sorts of things will happen. Reading articles, now, I tend to stay away from that stuff. I know it is going to be there but it is not my priority.”

Pulisic’s current Dortmund deal expires in 2020, meaning there is some pressure on the German club to either sign him to a new one in the next six months or sell him on next summer while they can still earn a transfer fee.

So far, though, there has been little movement towards any new deal, and links to all of England’s top six clubs persist—though this week, London’s Evening Standard claim that Liverpool’s interest has now cooled somewhat.

Not that that’s likely to stop the rumours if another six months pass without a new deal for the player and he continues to talk vaguely about future decisions and how lots of kids dream of playing in the Premier League.

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