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Rumor Mongering: Sky Sports Tries To Make Aaron Ramsey A Thing

Or, Steve McMahon tries to explain football to Jurgen Klopp.

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

At this point, it seems clear that Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey will be going somewhere this summer. The Welsh international is out of contract this summer, and the two sides do not seem to be particularly close to finding a resolution.

The question, then, is “where?” And like any high profile move concerning Top 6 sides (Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, and Bournemouth), Liverpool is bound to come up in conversation. So it was last night on the Sky Sports show “The Debate.”

“Liverpool would do well to get him,” Steve McMahon said. “He’s a midfield player who goes beyond the strikers and Liverpool haven’t got that.

“Liverpool have got good midfield players that play in front, they’ve got top strikers who score goals and have got pace, good defenders.

“But when it’s a bit of a stalemate, they haven’t got someone to go ahead, the third man running, not just to try and get a goal but to take the players away and open the space up.

“Ramsey is one of those players and is a goalscoring midfield player with great technique.

“At a club, you’ve got your levels. Arsenal have their level of a wage structure and Liverpool can well afford the Ramsey’s of this world.”

Liverpool “need midfield runners” and “they can afford it” are pretty weak arguments for signing Ramsey.

Although the deal to sign Nabil Fekir fell through, Naby Keita is more than capable of being that player to run in behind from midfield, once he returns to fitness. So too, is Xherdan Shaqiri, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (hopefully, if he’s the same player after his injury), James Milner, and even Georginio Wijnaldum, in a pinch.

There’s also the matter of Ramsey’s age: the midfielder will be 28 years old by the time next summer rolls around. While Liverpool managed a major coup with the free signing of an ageing James Milner, this seems to be more of an exception in Klopp’s midfield, than the rule. Adam Lallana, for instance, was a midfield staple when Klopp first arrived, but has struggled in recent seasons.

Maybe Ramsey should be looking to secure a move to a wealthy midtable side. Like Man United.

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