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Rumor Mongering: Barcelona Want Firmino to Replace Suarez


Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League
Fuck OFF, Phil.
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This international break might go down as one of the worst ever for Liverpool fans, and that’s quite the feat by the football gods. Four key injuries, and three players linked away to Barcelona of all fucking clubs. Of those three, the one that feels likeliest to be the target of their desire is the indispensable Roberto Firmino.

At least that’s the story according to Spanish publication El Chiringuito de Jugones. According to the rumor, which very well could just be filling the time until club football mercifully begins again, Philippe Coutinho is trying to convince the Catalan giants to sign Bobby as a replacement for the ageing Luis Suarez.

One poached Liverpool player trying to replace another poached Liverpool player with a third Liverpool player. Cool, cool. They are aware of the Eden Hazards and Anthony Martials of this world, right?

According to the report, Barcelona would not be interested in another midseason raid (thank Fowler), but are rather eyeing a (no doubt drawn out) summer transfer (saga).

Of course, with Firmino signing a fresh, new 5-year deal over the summer, Barcelona would no doubt have to pony up another substantial chunk of change to pry yet another talented South American from our roster.

Hopefully this is not a thing, and just bullshit spun from whole cloth from the Spanish media. But if there is some truth to it, the club would do well to line up potential replacements early (insofar as we could replace Firmino, given his importance to Klopp and the pressing).

Can international break end now? Please?!

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