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Coutinho: Liverpool Are in a Healthy Position

Happy Monday! Coutinho’s a Barcelona player but everything is probably going to be okay.

Liverpool v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

I know we’re all probably sick of this entire saga, but the official unveiling is tomorrow and Phil Coutinho has just given his post-transfer interviews. So yeah. Phil’s talked about the move, and none of it is “Yeah, I pushed for a move at a time that doesn’t make much sense for either club, and sure Liverpool fans are justifiably quite mad at the way this entire transfer went down, so sorry I guess?”

What he did have to say, however, was that the move to Barcelona lets him live out his childhood dream and that he’s looking forward to playing with his footballing heroes.

“I’m very happy, very happy. I have always said that it is a dream that I am living and I am very happy to be here,” Coutinho told Barça TV today. “To be able to play, win titles, make the fans happy … always play with joy. It is incredible to know that I am going to live with idols; players with a lot of history.”

And he could have done all of that with us, sure, but Coutinho wants to assure us that he wants nice things for Liverpool too. Just not with us.

“[Liverpool] are in a healthy position, with very, very good footballers,” Coutinho added in the Daily Mail. “The signing of Virgil van Dijk is a statement, Mo Salah is a wonderful footballer. I look forward to watching them win trophies and to celebrating their success. I would not have left for any other club, but Barcelona is something different. It is a dream, a place of magic for me.”

Coutinho will be back to Liverpool to say goodbye to his teammates (and give Moreno a few extra hugs, I hope), staff, and everyone else who made a difference in his and his family’s lives over the last five years.

“I love this club, but it is time for a new adventure,” Coutinho said. “I have so many memories and have so many people to thank at Liverpool. I have to improve as a player. Now I am looking forward. It’s time. Yes, it’s time.”

Coutinho is a great player and will probably have a great career with Barcelona. But he’s right. It’s time for us to look forward, too. And we’re in pretty decent shape financially as we do so.

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