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Rumour Mongering: Inter Could Get Sturridge For Half Price

Reports in Italia are claiming that Liverpool have greatly reduced Daniel Sturridge’s total loan-to-buy fee for Inter.

Liverpool FC v Spartak Moskva - UEFA Champions League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Will he, won’t he? The Daniel Sturridge to somewhere besides Liverpool story continues. The setting is still Serie A and the other major character in the tale is still Inter Milan. Sturridge has been linked with a move to the Nerazzurri for a couple of weeks now and while there has been some back and forth between the clubs concerning the myriad of buy or loan or loan-to-buy options that must be every dealer’s playbook.

It was reported early on in the saga that Liverpool wanted a permanent move with a permanent fee for the England striker. But Inter wanted a loan and to maybe think about a purchase if Sturridge impressed in Italy. And considering Sturridge’s riskiness on the injury front, that’s a smart stance to hold.

Now, the newest bit comes from Sport Italia who are claiming that Liverpool have just made a bold move at the bargaining table. The Italian media outlet are revealing that Liverpool have gone so far as to cut Sturridge’s future and conditional transfer fee in half.

So, Inter would pay a small loan fee now for six months of Daniel’s time. Around £1milllion. And at the end of the season, if all goes well, they could pick up that deadly left foot for £18million. Down from an initial but probably speculative number around £35million.

As I’ve stated before, it’s in the player’s best interest and in the interest of my own enjoyment of his career that Sturridge moves on to new pastures. With an eye on this summer’s World Cup, he’ll want to play somewhere regularly, be the guy, get the goals, build the confidence, get into the England squad. And along the way make this adoring fan the happiest little fan there is.

Or it’s all hog spit and somebody’s just running their mouth within earshot of somebody on a serious hunt for running mouths. Stay turnt.

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