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Rumour Mongering: Daniel Sturridge Faces Decision Over Future

The striker is said to want Sevilla but Sevilla have so far not been willing to make a commitment.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Daniel Sturridge’s time as a Liverpool player has come to an end. It’s really only a question of when it becomes official, and whether he secures a departure this month or if he’s forced to wait for the summer. Either way, time is running down for him at Anfield, and by all reports Sturridge wants to move as soon as possible.

According to multiple reports today, his preference is for a Sevilla move—but the La Liga side are yet to make a firm offer that includes any path to a permanent transfer. They only want Sturridge on loan. Inter Milan, meanwhile, have made an offer that includes a loan fee and a vague path to turning the deal into a permanent one.

The uncertainty there lies in what would cause the purchase option, said to be between €20-30M, to trigger—Liverpool would like it to be entirely guaranteed while Inter understandably have concerns about Sturridge’s fitness that mean they want a deal that only sees them pay if he proves he can stay somewhat healthy.

For now, though, it’s the closest thing to a solid offer that’s on the table for Sturridge, one that could give the striker a chance to play now—and maybe earn his England place for the summer—while potentially providing Liverpool something in return for him. Even if Sturridge prefers Sevilla, then, he may have no real choice.

On the other side of things, Liverpool are said to be ambivalent. Though Sturridge hasn’t played much this season, the club remain in three competitions and are content to keep the 28-year-old around for another six months as a depth option if it comes to that, though hopefully for Sturridge’s sake it won’t.

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