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Klopp Talk: Liverpool Are “Still Looking” to Sign Players

The Liverpool manager is happy with his squad, but that doesn’t mean nothing will happen by the 31st.

Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid - Audi Cup 2017 Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp likes the players he has; likes the Liverpool squad at his disposal. If the transfer window closed last week or yesterday or today, he could live with it. That doesn’t mean that nothing will happen between now and August 31st when the transfer window actually does close.

The Liverpool manager has been consistent in recent weeks when asked about whether there is still work to do this summer, trying to walk a careful line; trying to stay positive about the squad and players on hand but also clearly hinting that the club are at least trying to deal.

“My english is not good enough to give 500 different answers to the same question,” Klopp said after pausing to give the latest asking of it some consideration. “The whole market worldwide is now very difficult and many teams are still looking—we are still looking.

“If the transfer window ended yesterday, then we already would have a team I would like and we could play football with. We have some injuries, yes, and that’s not too good and so the transfer window can still be important but we already have a good team.”

Liverpool do have a good team. That’s never been in doubt. Last season, for a time this is a side that looked title contenders; a side able to beat anyone. Injuries and a lack of depth, though, were their undoing, and they headed into the summer knowing they needed to address that.

So far they haven’t even come close to doing that. But Klopp is right, it’s still a good team. And he’s right that it’s a difficult market. It may be difficult, but over the next two weeks now they need to do the work to turn that good team into a good team with a little more quality depth.

“It’s not about just saying here’s a contract, sign it,” Klopp added. “A few things could happen on all sides, but everything leads to August 31st so it may be a busy day if we are involved with it. We will have to see.”

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