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Rumour Mongering: Chelsea in Race For Oxlade-Chamberlain

When will this transfer window come home from the war?

Chelsea v Arsenal - The FA Community Shield Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

In the ongoing saga of Arsenal v. Oxlade-Chamberlain’s agents, we’ve had two new developments:

1. Ox liked a post on Twitter that said he was moving to Anfield for £28m. The tweet has since been deleted, which obviously reeks of a conspiracy.

2. Chelsea are preparing to beat Liverpool’s paltry offering and put forth a bid of £35m for the midfielder.

The revival of rumours is almost definitely another attempt by Oxlade-Chamberlain’s agents to force Arsenal into delivering a better contract, but let’s address them anyway, because why not.

According to reports earlier in the summer, Liverpool had been keeping an eye on the midfielder as a potential target. And while Liverpool’s approach towards the midfielder seemed to very much hinge on the principle of “do nothing”, something could have happened were it not for Arsène Wenger’s insistance that the Ox was going absolutely nowhere.

If there is in fact a race building now that we’re nearing the end of the transfer window, and if Oxlade-Chamberlain’s agents are reading this as they weigh the pros and cons of either team, I would like to point out that Ox would get a lot more starts at Liverpool than he would at Chelsea. He is also a former Southampton player and is genetically predisposed to fitting in at Anfield.

On a serious note though, Liverpool’s midfield could use a bit of bolstering right now, especially with Adam Lallana out for a few months with a thigh injury. If Klopp is ready to look at other options (as we all continue keeping our fingers crossed for Keïta), Oxlade-Chamberlain would definitely give Liverpool some additional pizzazz and versatility where it’s needed. However, all of that depends on the new rumours being anything more than Ox and his agents pushing yet again for a better deal from Arsenal.

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