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Leipzig Must Face “The Will of Naby”

Reportedly, the RB Leipzig chairman has given Naby Keita assurances that the club will not stand between he and Liverpool.

Red Bull Salzburg v West Brom - Friendly Match Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

How long the Naby Keita to Liverpool saga rolls on is anyone’s guess. Every day brings new twists and turns. Positive reports here, stern quotes there. For every definitive word out of RB Leipzig that says Keita’s job remains in Germany another voice springs forth from the void to claim there is still a way that the Guinean midfielder makes the move to Merseyside this summer.

After yesterday’s words from Leipzig’s sporting director Ralf Rangnick described a world where Keita would not be sold to any team for any amount of money, he doubled down when questioned by German outlets.

“There are no pain limits, even in the three-digit range,” Rangnick said.

“We will not sell a starter, and it doesn’t matter if someone says he does not know where he is going next season. It’s enough if we know.

“I’m assuming that our transfer efforts are completed.”

Bam. Very definitive words. But hark, another voice springs forth from the void. The voice of Guinean journalist Sega Diallo. Diallo is reporting that Leipzig’s chairman has given Keita the impression that if he wants to go, he can go, and that the German club will not stand in his way if he has his heart set on Liverpool.

Diallo posted to twitter, “The president of Leipzig will not object to the will of Naby to Liverpool—as he said during the first meeting.”

So, the destination of Naby Keita for the start of the 2017-2018 season remains shrouded in mystery. He’s either definitely, under any circumstances, staying at Leipzig or he’s definitely following his heart and moving to Liverpool to win all the things with Jürgen Klopp and crew.

Keita has yet to return to his club for preseason training as he was on international duty with Guinea and is still enjoying his holiday. Will he show? Stay tuned for a whole lot more fun and excitement.

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